Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t usually get excited about Valentine’s Day. I am one of those people who think that we should actively love each other every day. I don’t expect dinner or fancy gifts, although we do always buy each other a card. In the early days of dating, it was an opportunity to show each other how you felt and that was exciting but as the years go on, I believe that love should be shown and felt daily.
This year my thoughts on Valentine’s Day are different. This year I was excited! It has been 15 months since we became parents and our little daughter has had almost all of our attention. I knew that we would have less time for one another but I didn’t expect that becoming parents would test us as much as a couple. I’m pleased to say that we have settled into our routine as parents and we are able, with a little more sleep under our belt, to carve out time for one another. So, I was excited for Valentine’s Day because I’d gone over budget on a gift for my hubby and I’d written a card (a hilarious card – see below!) that I believe explained to him that I still love him, still get excited to see him and that he still gives me butterflies despite the fact that I don’t always communicate that to him. This Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to think of him, to think of a gift to make him smile and an opportunity to remind him how important he is to me.
Lucky me, he viewed the day in the same way!
How have you spent Valentine’s Day? Whatever you have been up to, I hope you have felt loved.
Clare xx
Image (c) Gin Bunny Prints

Image (c) Gin Bunny Prints

This is the card I got for my hubby – the whole range is hilarious! You can find the Etsy shop for Gin Bunny Prints here.