Throwback Thursday…Track 22

This weeks track is Dolly Parton and ‘9 to 5’ – I just can’t help but to dance and sing along when this song comes on! A sure-fire mood lifter and booty mover. If you’re feeling glum on a Monday morning, whack this on and sing about your work-woes whilst making yourself smile!


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PS – Clare’s choice of track is particularly relevant at the moment…we have both been so busy working that our blog posts are slowing down a little bit, we hope to be back up to full speed soon!

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Throwback Thursday….Track 5

Happy New Year everyone! A quick post just to say hi, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Really looking forward to 2015…but with new beginnings, you must always look back before you move forward.

Bobby and I have started a new tradition each year, a goldfish bowl filled with notes, tickets, flyers, sayings and memories that we place in the bowl throughout the year and look through on New Year’s Eve to reminisce on the year just gone.

My stand out moment from 2014 was the Arcade Fire gig we went to at Earl’s Court in the Summer. Hands down, best gig I’ve ever been to (even beating Prince earlier in the year…whaaaaaaat?). So for my New Year’s throwback track it’s got to be one of theirs, and it was not easy picking one let me tell you! And so here it is, ‘Ready To Start’ a great choice to mark the new beginning of the 1st of January.

May your year be all you hoped for, sending blessings and remember, stop complaining and start changing.

Suzy xx

Throwback Thursday…..Track 2

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog this past week – real life work stuff gets in the way sometimes!

This weeks track is Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’. A simply beautiful¬†song, brought to my mind this week as we were looking at tickets for my mother-in-laws birthday and was astounded by the prices! Also, Stevie Nicks is the bomb, and wrote the track.

Sorry for the static video images – the official versions are a little too old school for my taste.

Enjoy! – Suzy xx

Throwback Thursday….Track 1

I love, love, love the idea of throwback Thursday. A time to reminisce and share happy memories. It’s usually quite a personal thing, and something I feel I would only share on my personal social media, so for the blog as an ongoing feature we’ll be posting a throwback track each week. I love listening to and sharing music, and I especially love sharing old music, when all I pretty much listen to is current stuff.

This weeks track is a Kate Bush stunner “Cloudbusting” from the Hounds of Love album. I’ve only gotten into Kate Bush in recent years, and aside from the classics, I didn’t know much of her stuff. ¬†I bought her greatest hits album, The Whole Story recently and have been loving it. This track was a real surprise to me, as it is sampled in Utah Saints “Something Good” which I loved back in the day, and never knew at the time it was a sample from this song.

Also, this is the first time I’ve tried embedding a You Tube video, so wish me luck!

Suzy xx