Throwback Thursday….Track 1

I love, love, love the idea of throwback Thursday. A time to reminisce and share happy memories. It’s usually quite a personal thing, and something I feel I would only share on my personal social media, so for the blog as an ongoing feature we’ll be posting a throwback track each week. I love listening to and sharing music, and I especially love sharing old music, when all I pretty much listen to is current stuff.

This weeks track is a Kate Bush stunner “Cloudbusting” from the Hounds of Love album. I’ve only gotten into Kate Bush in recent years, and aside from the classics, I didn’t know much of her stuff.  I bought her greatest hits album, The Whole Story recently and have been loving it. This track was a real surprise to me, as it is sampled in Utah Saints “Something Good” which I loved back in the day, and never knew at the time it was a sample from this song.

Also, this is the first time I’ve tried embedding a You Tube video, so wish me luck!

Suzy xx