Thank You!

Happy Half Birthday to us!!! We’ve been going for 6 months!

Team Blossom have had another positive get together today to discuss all things blog related (and a bit of gossip too!) and we can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we started on this adventure. It’s been a challenging and interesting process so far, and we are both immensely proud of what we have achieved since we started. That also includes our total fangirling moment when Myleene Klass liked and commented on our Instagram picture of her!

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From our first introductory posts (see here) back in October 2014, we’ve shared posts on baking, beauty, fashion and photography to name but a few. And there will be many more to come as we move forward in our blog adventure.

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all our followers, who have interacted with our blog in the last few months, we really appreciate your interest and support through our journey. You may notice today we’ve also split our twitter account into two, and you can follow us individually at @btfsuzy and @btfclare.

Today also marks the brave decision to start telling our friends and family about the blog! Whilst it’s not been kept a massive secret, we haven’t been actively promoting the blog on our personal social media accounts, but that is all set to change from today. So welcome to our loved ones, we hope you enjoy reading about our lives, and we’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Clare & Suzy xx

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t usually get excited about Valentine’s Day. I am one of those people who think that we should actively love each other every day. I don’t expect dinner or fancy gifts, although we do always buy each other a card. In the early days of dating, it was an opportunity to show each other how you felt and that was exciting but as the years go on, I believe that love should be shown and felt daily.
This year my thoughts on Valentine’s Day are different. This year I was excited! It has been 15 months since we became parents and our little daughter has had almost all of our attention. I knew that we would have less time for one another but I didn’t expect that becoming parents would test us as much as a couple. I’m pleased to say that we have settled into our routine as parents and we are able, with a little more sleep under our belt, to carve out time for one another. So, I was excited for Valentine’s Day because I’d gone over budget on a gift for my hubby and I’d written a card (a hilarious card – see below!) that I believe explained to him that I still love him, still get excited to see him and that he still gives me butterflies despite the fact that I don’t always communicate that to him. This Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to think of him, to think of a gift to make him smile and an opportunity to remind him how important he is to me.
Lucky me, he viewed the day in the same way!
How have you spent Valentine’s Day? Whatever you have been up to, I hope you have felt loved.
Clare xx
Image (c) Gin Bunny Prints

Image (c) Gin Bunny Prints

This is the card I got for my hubby – the whole range is hilarious! You can find the Etsy shop for Gin Bunny Prints here.

Snap Happy!

My husband tends to go all out on a new hobby and will buy and request as presents all of the bits and bobs required to kit himself out for said new hobby. I admit, I do chew his ear off a bit about how much money he is spending, and roll my eyes whilst doing so because he soon moves on to another hobby! I didn’t roll my eyes when he said he needed a good camera so he could learn more about photography though. He bought a Canon 60D and over the years has collected a nice bundle of accessories to go with it. I’ve always loved taking photos and I have been dying to get my hands on this camera but haven’t had any technical know-how to do so……until NOW!

Gary, The Husband, gave me a whistle stop tour of his camera as I signed up for the Makelight Workshops. It’s an online course delivered by the lovely Emily Quinton and I’m so grateful to Franky, of Love Audrey, for recommending her and the course.

I must say I am loving it! I have learnt so much in almost four short weeks and my head is brimming with inspiration. All I need to do now is find some time when I’m not working or chasing after a toddler to grab the camera and take some more photos!

Here is one of the favourite images I have captured so far. I have so much still to learn but I am proud of my progress. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @clare_gcphotography (a company name invented by my husband some time ago for our pipe-dream photography studio!) to see my other photos and how I’m getting on.

Let me know what you think.

Clare xx





Health & Fitness – week 2 update

5th January signalled a time for change for me. I’d pretty much abandoned the gym during the month of December, and I’d most certainly indulged in chocolates, treats, drinks and meals out during the party season as well. But before all this, I’d noticed the weight slowly creeping on and I just hadn’t been putting in enough effort in the gym, so time for a change!

Having been to Weight Watchers previously, I pretty much knew what I should be eating, so before taking the steps of rejoining, I thought I’d give myself a couple of weeks to see how I could fare on my own. I also just made one New Years Resolution, and that was to go to the gym twice at the weekend and at least once in the week, because I’d been feeling like I didn’t have much time for myself in the week in 2014. You know how it is, you go straight to the gym after work, you get home, you’ve still got to get showered, and your dinner ready, and your lunch done for the next day, and blah blah blah, before you know it, it’s half 9 before you even sit down to relax!

So, two weeks have passed and I’m thrilled with my results! 5 pound weight loss!

I skipped one session at the gym on Saturday, but every other time I’ve been I’ve worked to my max and really pushed myself. I’ve not snacked, I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol and I’ve felt rested and slept wonderfully. Obviously I’m aware that this is how it needs to be all the time, so this is just getting back to my old habits and routines of eating well. I even ate out on Saturday but made a great choice in fishcakes, jacket potato and green veg. It was yummy too, even though I did look longingly at my husband’s Ultimate Burger!

Long may it continue, and I’ll update again in another couple of weeks.

Here’s me with my glasses tucked into my T at the gym – I was sweating so much they kept falling off my face and steaming up!

Suzy xx