Wedding Wednesday – what if you’re no good at DIY?

Hi folks, Happy Easter! We hope that you have had a lovely chocolate-filled Easter break.

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is all about DIY – or rather, what to do if you’re no good at DIY! I wish I was creative. I’d love to be one of those people who could make bunting or my very own seating plan. I was willing to give it a go but sadly my efforts always looked like those of a toddler’s! We have all seen the Pinterest boards for DIY Weddings that make us feel that we should be a dab hand at sewing and sticking but what happens if that’s just not right for you? What if you’re no good at it or simply don’t have time?

We decided after a couple of failed attempts at making stuff for the wedding that we needed some help. I had a dream of my wedding being something out of an Estee Lauder commercial and my tables looking like they’d been dressed and laid by The White Company and there’s no way anything I made could look like that.

So, I enlisted Ava Event Styling to help. I met the ladies from Ava Event Styling and The Boutique Baking Co. (more about Mrs Bou later) at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show. They were so kind and spoke to me at length about my early thoughts about my wedding and even followed up with mood boards by email to help inspire me.

Gary and I had a meeting with Amanda and Amy to discuss our thoughts about decor and flowers. I admitted early on that I was pretty useless and I really didn’t want to feel disappointed by my efforts on The Big Day. I decided to hand over creative vision to them. We set a budget, gave them the numbers and discussed the overall look we were after and then bravely said “go for it”. They were to be in charge of deciding on the room decor, table decorations and flowers and I would provide the stationery and little details like using my mother’s lace glove from her wedding around my bouquet. I also gave them access to my Pinterest boards so that they could keep under review the sort of things I was finding and loving in the build up to the big day.

Now, I know this won’t suit every Bride out there (we are often referred to as Bridezillas for a reason!) but I didn’t even want to see what they had chosen until the day itself. I wanted to see it fresh that day as if I was a guest at my own wedding and I’m so glad I did.

As a word of warning, I would say that you should only do this if you know the supplier well and you have seen their work and had recommendations! Goodness me, you wouldn’t want to be disappointed on the day! Ava Event Styling is often found in wedding blogs with photos of their gorgeous work and being a local business, I was able to see them when I wanted to and we stayed in contact regularly. Please make sure you trust your supplier before going ahead!

Below are some photos of our flowers and decorations (all photos taken by AE Wedding Photography) and I’m sure you’ll agree that they looked beautiful. I was thrilled. I wasn’t at all disappointed that I didn’t do it myself!!

One idea, if you must have some DIY elements, is to enlist the help of others. You’ll see at the bottom of the post a photo of our confetti cones – I asked a creative friend to make these for me as a wedding gift!

Let me know what you think.

Clare x

Clare's flowers



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