Throwback Thursday…Track 14

Has it been a week already?!?!? That hen weekend really took it out of me but was soooooo much fun! More to come on that.

This weeks track is ‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzalez. I have a bit of a thing about cover versions, in particular ones that are better than the original! I never knew this was a cover when it first came out, it was only after a while I discovered the original by The Knife (see here).

It’s delicate acoustic guitar and haunting voice make his version a world away from the electro beats of the original.


Suzy xx


Throwback Thursday…. Track 12

This weeks track is not a huge throwback, its from Ryan Adam’s 2014 album, Ryan Adams, and it’s the track ‘My Wrecking Ball’. 
I’ve chosen this song this week after my husband gave me a very intimate performance of it on Valentine’s Night, on his acoustic guitar. My husband has a wonderful singing voice, and I don’t get to hear it very often, so him choosing this song to sing for me was a very special treat. He’d been practicing all week without me knowing!
I actually think his version is better than Ryan’s, but until he lets me record him on video, you’ll just have to settle for the original version.

Enjoy, Suzy xx