About Suzy

Suzy and I have romantic beginnings, meeting at a Valentine’s event for Young Professionals in Leicester and going on to celebrate our single life together on Valentine’s Day, seven years ago. We may have begun by talking business but that lasted all of ten minutes and we were soon onto cocktails, giggles and chitchat, something we repeated again and again over subsequent years.

Suzy is Godmother to my daughter. I picked her for this very important role because I wanted her to have influence over my daughter’s life in the same way she has over mine. I started to try to describe Suzy by using words like ‘confident’ and ‘self-assured’ but I don’t mean them in the way they would be received….without meaning to make this post about me, the best way to describe Suzy is by making it a little about me! I am quite insecure and the kind of person who questions myself endlessly, yet with Suzy I can be completely and unapologetically myself. In fact, she may giggle at my foibles but she encourages them too. I never worry about things I’ve said to Suzy because I know that she gets me. She encourages the hidden adventurous side of my personality and makes me feel as though anything is possible. This is what I want for my daughter – I want her to have the confidence to face the world being completely herself and to live life to the full, regardless of what it throws at you because that’s how Suzy does it. I am truly blessed to have her in my daughter’s life.

Suzy worked her way up to being a high-level auditor at a national accountancy firm, based in their Leicester office but decided that private practice wasn’t for her and took an opportunity to travel the world with the love of her life, Bobby. Since returning, she works as an Office Manager in Birmingham and keeps the boys she works with in line. She lives near Merry Hill but is looking to return to her homeland, Kingswinford. I tell you, it was a joy to find her wonderful accent in the middle of Leicester – she may not be Brummie but finding her was like finding a little bit of home for me.

Onto Bobby, truly, the love of her life. I have never met a couple who are more in love. Suzy met Bobby on MySpace (remember that??), and escaped off to meet him one night at FanClub in Leicester in 2007, after a few drinks with me. She turned up at my flat in the early hours to report that she had met the coolest guy and she has never looked back. They got married in a beautiful ceremony in August 2013 and I’ll never forget the sweetie cart they had at their reception. I was heavily pregnant and realllllllly enjoyed the sweets on offer! Like her attitude to life, Suzy’s approach to love is unabashed and she and Bobby are PDA Champions.

She is cool, funny, honest to a fault, a nerdy gamer and Singstar aficionado. She has been to more gigs than I could count, and is able to face mucky festival life with joy whilst she has a box of Badger’s Creek and leopard print wellies. If you’re on a night out, you want her to be there.

There is a serious side to Suzy too. She has been through more than she deserves yet she counts her blessings and lives life with positivity and faith in what’s to come. I am so proud of her and how she deals with life’s ups and downs.

Suzy’s online experience dates back to pre-MySpace and she knows everything there is to know about Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Together we will learn about blogging and all that comes with it and we will share our adventures with you. I think you’ll find you’ll enjoy learning about Suzy just as much as I have.

Clare xx
Suzy & Clare 2007

About Clare

Super talented solicitor, caring wife and doting mother. Her three main roles in life, and she does them wonderfully.

She studied at The University of Leicester and graduated with a degree in Law. She went to Law School in Cardiff  before becoming a trainee solicitor at a firm in Leicester before moving back to practise law in her native town of Birmingham in 2009.

She first met G-Man way back when, as they are from the same town. After a date/non date (depends who you ask) when they were young, they both went their separate ways before the wonders of modern technology (yep, Facebook) got them back in touch in 2007. Their first date proper left them talking all night long and they haven’t looked back since. They got married in 2012 and now live in Birmingham with their dog Oscar and their special little lady, Orla.

Orla arrived into Clare & Gary’s world in October 2013 and they settled into life as parents with aplomb. Orla quickly became one of the cutest babies I have ever seen (ok, I’m her Godmother, I’m biased), but she has developed into a bright, happy baby who is always full of smiles. Her confidence and abilities (she’s walking already!) are something that both Clare & Gary should be immensely proud of.

Clare is fiercely intelligent & beautiful, she has enthusiasm in bounds and is a loyal friend. She is also a great confidant and is honest with her advice.

She is funny, swears like a docker at times and she strives for perfection at anything she puts her mind to.  She shows an interest in what the people around her are doing and is always thoughtful and considerate, as well as super punctual and reliable.

She does however, worry about what people think, sometimes a little too much. She also frets that she has said or done the wrong thing to upset people, and she should give herself a break sometimes along with a little pinch of the ‘I don’t cares’ and to remember that she can’t control how people feel. I know myself and G-Man have to remind her of that from time to time.

As for reminders, she has a great memory too, never forgetting that upcoming important event or anniversary. Maybe it’s because she happily admits she couldn’t live without the reminders app on her iPhone! She likes Disney songs and isn’t ashamed who knows it. She also has a tattoo on her hip and has never dyed her hair.

She’s an avid social networker, using both personal and a couple of professional online accounts. Embarking on the next step of writing a blog is a natural move forward for her to express her own creative ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Here is us being complete geeks back in 2007.

Sillers & Le Suze

Suzy xx

About us

This is our journey, all of us. Our blog was born from the desire to do something together, to share with each other and with you.

We have been friends for seven years, and have already grown, uprooted, fallen in love, succeeded and failed, become a family and won and lost at many things during our friendship.

Our blog name is born out of the idea that as we approach the next stage in our lives we will be growing from blossoms to flourishing at whatever we set our minds to.

So, now on to the exciting stuff….and also the everyday stuff too. Neither of us are writers or particularly creative types so we are looking forward to the challenge this blog presents.

We’ll be sharing our lives, our upcoming projects and craft ideas. We’ll also be posting recommendations on places to visit, recipes & sharing photos, alongside beauty and fashion tips, personal stuff and anything else that comes along our way on this new journey! So, we hope you enjoy our blog, and would love to hear your comments. Give us time though, we’re new to this!

Suzy & Clare