Throwback Thursday….Track 13

I’m off on a hen weekend tomorrow, and this is my girlie night jam! I mistakenly once told my friends I used to sing and dance in front of the  mirror to this song, resulting in them demanding I dance to it every time we’re out. And of course, I oblige. Even played it at my wedding, and I did the full routine! 

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Enjoy, Suzy xx


Throwback Thursday….Track 6

The Christmas theme is now gone from the blog and onto the New Year we go! I also changed my ringtone on my phone over Christmas, rocking ‘Blue Christmas’ by Elvis, so I needed to get a normal tune back on the go.

Could I be bothered to hook my phone up to iTunes and get my beloved hubby to edit me a new one this year? Nope! So I picked for one already stored on my phone, and as soon as I played it I remembered why I love this song so much!

‘Cassius’ by Foals is my throwback track of the day, and it’s a great stomper of a record. I played it last night and was instantly shaking my head about and wiggling my body like a loon. This song was my first introduction to the band, leading to an obsession with their first album, Antidotes. This is the first time I’ve seen the video, and well, it ain’t great, but it’s the music that matters, right?

This song makes me just wanna BOUNCE! My fondest memory of our old flat in Leicester is of me being home alone, doing some mundane chores about the flat, this song coming on the stereo and me going absolutely nuts dancing and singing around the flat. Ahhhh, happy days!

My only disappointment with this song is that the one time I went to see them live (rowdiest gig I’ve ever been to, at the Kasbah in Coventry), was that they never performed it in the set! Come on guys!!! When you tour, play the hits, for the love of god!

Hope you enjoy as much as me…and check out their other stuff too.

Suzy xx