Throwback Thursday… Track 17

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothin’ you can’t do…

Five years ago, we were headed to New York as the final destination on our World Tour. We’d been travelling for just under 10 months, and having almost circled the globe, we were tired, skint and I’ll be honest, ready for home. But we’d purposely saved one of the best destinations for last, knowing this would be the most wonderful place for our journey to end. 

And this song, was our soundtrack. We’d been singing it pretty much since we got to the States, because we were so excited to be going there! And it didn’t disappoint. Yes, we were so skint we actually had to stay in Newark and take a ridiculous amount of buses each day to get into the city, but we didn’t care. We approached this stop on the World Tour as we had with all others, excitement and enthusiasm. 

We saw all the sights, spending all our last pennies on seeing them to end our trip on a high.

New York is one of the places we decided we absolutely must visit again, and soon. We have so many amazing memories from the short time we spent there, and my pic below shows you just a few of them.

Have you ever been to NYC, and what were your highlights? 

Suzy xx