Throwback Thursday…Track 20

This time a year ago, my husband and I treated ourselves to a once in a lifetime gig. Prince was on tour in the UK, and after trying to get tickets for the first round of releases, we thought the chance to see him had passed. 

But luckily for us, he released some more dates and we got booked on – at our most expensive gig ever!

We received an email the day before making some requests on behalf of Prince. Dress in purple. Lovely stuff. 

I considered this:

But opted for something more subtle in the end:

Watch the performance through your eyes, not your phone screens. Even better. 

So we took this pic before he came on, then put the phones away to enjoy the the show.

Needless to say it was an absolute brilliant gig, and one I’m glad we did when we could. He was supported by Laura Mvula, who was magical and he performed non stop for around 2 and a half hours, before flouncing off stage and courting a 45 minute encore. 45 MINUTES. On a weeknight! We felt for some people who had to leave to get the last train, but we stayed to the end to enjoy every last minute! We even managed to sneak a pic right at the end. 

So this weeks track is I Would Die 4 U by Prince. I would have embedded this, but Prince is not a fan of the YouTube generation and has blocked his videos from being on there!




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