Ash End House Children’s Farm 

My little one and I visited Ash End House Children’s Farm on Friday and had a fabulous time. We picked up Nana and Grandpa and headed to Middleton for a day of fun.

Now my daughter is 18 months (yesterday in fact – Happy half Birthday to her!), she requires space to run. We can no longer survive a day in the house, even with all the toys we seem to have accumulated! She needs the wind in her hair to get truly tired out (which, let’s face it, is always our intention with toddlers – get them worn out by bedtime!).

We arrived for opening time at 10am and it was really easy to park. We waited a little while to pay as something was wrong with the card machine which of course meant that my toddler wanted out of the pushchair to have a look and a mooch around the shop with all its colourful and noisy toys! Finally we were through with bucket of hay in hand and an itinerary for the day.

It was a lovely experience – we petted rabbits, fed sheep, my daughter sat on a pony and we went on a bumpy tractor ride (it wasn’t actually very bumpy but the kids loved it). My girl sat on every kid’s ride there and very much enjoyed the low sinks which were a perfect height for her to wash her hands with little adult input.

It’s a lovely farm with lots of different animals to look at and interact with. Lots of it is undercover so rain isn’t an option and it’s paved well so wellies aren’t really needed, if it’s dry out. There’s a great Soft Play area to go into afterwards if you can face the hysteria and the adults can sit and have a coffee unless you fancy heading down the slides with the little ones.

The only disappointment for me was the lack of healthy snacks in the little cafe. We ended up with a muffin and a gingerbread man to share. Obviously we like a treat every now and then but we would have loved a bit of a healthier choice as my daughter isn’t really into sugary snacks yet.

All in all, a great day and worth the price (£9.95 for children to include the Big Play Barn and adults pay £6.95).

We are always on the look out for places in and around the Midlands to visit – do you have any ideas for us?

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