Throwback Thursday….Track 10

It’s still Thursday right? Nearly bedtime here (it is, in fact, bedtime, I am in bed).
I nearly thought I wouldn’t be able to post today, I’ve had such a hectic day at work with seemingly endless meetings, and then straight out tonight to a local Cinebar to watch a film (more of that soon).
Add to that the fact that obtaining an embedded clip on YouTube is SUCH a nightmare on a mobile, today’s track very nearly never saw the light of day!
Anyway…here we are, today’s choice is ‘Somebody Told Me’ from The Killers album, Hot Fuss.

Why this song? Well, the whole album makes me do this:

It’s 10 years ago, I’m driving back and forth on the M42 every weekend, it’s Summer, I have my little pap pap and inevitably I have the tunes blasting.
Now there’s a few tracks I could pick from this album, all of them good, but I think it was this one that got me hooked.
We all know ‘Mr Brightside’ is an anthem, as is ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ but for that hitting your roof moment….this the one!
Some say The Killers never produced songs on their later albums as solid as this one, maybe they’re right (they’re not, ‘When You Were Young‘ is proof), maybe they’re wrong. Nevertheless, I’ve bought every album since and shall continue to do so!

Suzy xx


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