Health & Fitness – week 2 update

5th January signalled a time for change for me. I’d pretty much abandoned the gym during the month of December, and I’d most certainly indulged in chocolates, treats, drinks and meals out during the party season as well. But before all this, I’d noticed the weight slowly creeping on and I just hadn’t been putting in enough effort in the gym, so time for a change!

Having been to Weight Watchers previously, I pretty much knew what I should be eating, so before taking the steps of rejoining, I thought I’d give myself a couple of weeks to see how I could fare on my own. I also just made one New Years Resolution, and that was to go to the gym twice at the weekend and at least once in the week, because I’d been feeling like I didn’t have much time for myself in the week in 2014. You know how it is, you go straight to the gym after work, you get home, you’ve still got to get showered, and your dinner ready, and your lunch done for the next day, and blah blah blah, before you know it, it’s half 9 before you even sit down to relax!

So, two weeks have passed and I’m thrilled with my results! 5 pound weight loss!

I skipped one session at the gym on Saturday, but every other time I’ve been I’ve worked to my max and really pushed myself. I’ve not snacked, I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol and I’ve felt rested and slept wonderfully. Obviously I’m aware that this is how it needs to be all the time, so this is just getting back to my old habits and routines of eating well. I even ate out on Saturday but made a great choice in fishcakes, jacket potato and green veg. It was yummy too, even though I did look longingly at my husband’s Ultimate Burger!

Long may it continue, and I’ll update again in another couple of weeks.

Here’s me with my glasses tucked into my T at the gym – I was sweating so much they kept falling off my face and steaming up!

Suzy xx





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