Team Blossom – January 2015

Clare and I had a lovely get together yesterday, not only for a good catch up and for me to see my beautiful Goddaughter, but for us to have a catch up on how we’re doing with the blog, and where we want to go next with it.
We sat down with lots of wonderful ideas for upcoming features and series of posts, as well as talking about our other interactions on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We talked about our goals and achievements so far, and touched briefly on where we want to be in the short and medium term.
For now, we’ve set some challenges for the next month or so and we’ll be meeting up again at the end of February to have a fuller session on all these things.
Why are we doing this? It’s been a steep learning curve since we started this blog, and now we’ve had some months and posts behind us it’s important for us to review what we’ve done to see what works and what doesn’t, what has come easy to us and what had been challenging, so we can work out what direction we want to go in next!
2015 is going to be an exciting year for Team Blossom and the blog, and we hope you enjoy our journey on the way!
Lots of love
Suzy & Clare xx



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