Throwback Thursday…..Track 3

This is a great go-to belter. When you just wanna sing and you don’t care, this song is the one. Even if it’s just a few lines, even if it’s anything, it’s an uplifting song (and easy to sing too!).

I’m posting The Carpenters version of ‘Please Mr Postman’ because their album Gold was on constant repeat in our house when I was a child, my parents were big fans and both my sister and I loved listening to their hits just as much as they did. Also, the video is set in Disneyland, and today I posted all my Mickey & Minnie Mouse Christmas cards. No joke, there was no other song for today!

Fun fact: The original single released by The Marvelettes was the first Motown song to reach the number one position in the Billboard Hot 100, as did the cover by The Carpenters.


Suzy xMickey-and-Minnie-Christmas-Wallpaper-mickey-and-minnie-5699848-500-375


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