Christmas Tiffany Style

The magical time of year is upon us again and one of my favourite traditions is the decorating of the tree. It’s my domain in our house and I am most certainly the Creative Director when it comes to decorations. We rent, so it’s a real tree every year for us as we don’t have the storage to keep a fake one, and you just can’t beat the glorious smell of pine in the house!

I’ve been accumulating decorations for many years now, and I really think I’ve nailed my theme this year….Tiffany blue. After talking the hubby into buying a few new decorations, I bought 4 beautiful new ornaments and a box of smaller ones to compliment my existing ones, as well as some new lights as the others had been thrown out last year. We also bought quite possibly our biggest tree yet this year and picked a new spot for it in our spacious living room – standing proud in the centre, creating a lovely distinction between the lounge and dining area.

Anyway here’s the pics, would love your thoughts, and maybe next year I might even add some Tiffany blue mini boxes!

Suzy x



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