Happy New Year

As it is New Year’s Eve, I’m sure everyone is posting about the year they’ve had and the year they hope is to come. I hope you don’t mind indulging me now I’m about to do the same!

2014 has been a wonderful year. I had my baby at the end of October 2013 and was quite poorly for the first couple of months so I really felt that we began to find our rhythm together at the beginning of 2014. My daughter has been my little companion and my partner in crime. Maternity leave was brilliant – late mornings snuggled up together, coffee dates with pals and playdates with their little ones.

It was also tough! Parenting is so so tough. Sleepless nights, clothes that don’t fit, sick everywhere and a new dynamic in your home that puts pressure on your marriage like nothing else. My hubby and I have had to find a new way of living – both needing to look after our daughter and to work and to manage the house – you wouldn’t believe how much washing and mess a little one can create – and remembering to look after each other! We found our way after a while, learning how to work as a team and formulating a rota of sleep to ensure neither of us got too crabby! It means that we see 2014 out being happy and enjoying our wonderful little girl who makes us laugh constantly. She’s an independent little soul who lights up our lives.

I hope 2015 is peaceful, healthy and happy for my family, friends of old and new friends on here – thank you for supporting Suze and I on our new blogging journey. We hope you are seeing in the New Year with loved ones by your side. For those of you who have had a tough year, we hope you’re able to look forward with positivity and hope.

All the best,

Clare x


Throwback Thursday…..Track 3

This is a great go-to belter. When you just wanna sing and you don’t care, this song is the one. Even if it’s just a few lines, even if it’s anything, it’s an uplifting song (and easy to sing too!).

I’m posting The Carpenters version of ‘Please Mr Postman’ because their album Gold was on constant repeat in our house when I was a child, my parents were big fans and both my sister and I loved listening to their hits just as much as they did. Also, the video is set in Disneyland, and today I posted all my Mickey & Minnie Mouse Christmas cards. No joke, there was no other song for today!

Fun fact: The original single released by The Marvelettes was the first Motown song to reach the number one position in the Billboard Hot 100, as did the cover by The Carpenters.


Suzy xMickey-and-Minnie-Christmas-Wallpaper-mickey-and-minnie-5699848-500-375

Christmas Tiffany Style

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The magical time of year is upon us again and one of my favourite traditions is the decorating of the tree. It’s my domain in our house and I am most certainly the Creative Director when it comes to decorations. … Continue reading