Halloween Zombies

Earlier this year our super talented friend Jamie Anderson asked us help out in an art project he was working on. The concept was for him to produce the artwork for a zombie B-movie and our friend Ben would be shooting the photography.  The B-movie concept was “Zombies In Time 2” but the project was to capture behind the scenes moments of us in full zombie garb doing everyday things. I was a zombie wench, and Bobby was a caveman, which worked well as the beard is all his!

Here are some of the shots by Jamie, and some we did ourselves.


5Evernote Camera Roll 20141031 1558482Evernote Camera Roll 20141031 1558473Evernote Camera Roll 20141031 1558474Evernote Camera Roll 20141031 1558488Evernote Camera Roll 20141031 155848Evernote Camera Roll 20141031 155848


Here’s the artwork in progress:


And the finished masterpiece! So very proud of Jamie, his talent is unreal!


Following on in the Halloween theme, here’s some of our pumpkin attempts over the years:


Yep, that last one is Heisenberg!

Suzy xx



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