Bouquet Heart Petal Frame

In the run up to my wedding I went a bit pinterest mental. It’s a lovely place for ideas, inspiration and pretty things and none more so than the wedding pins.

I’d been wondering for a while what to do with my bouquet once the wedding was over. It seemed a shame to throw it away like the rest of the wedding flowers.  Like most people, holding onto a memento to treasure from the day was extremely important to me, so I took to pinterest to have a look around.

I stumbled upon this from The Crafting Chicks.

Great idea! But this wasn’t flowers that I saved and dried properly over time, so I adapted it slightly and this is my version of the Bouquet Heart Petal Frame.


Here’s my bouquet….2 days after the wedding. Not looking too shabby! It was Sunday afternoon, we were off to Alton Towers the next day and I start dismantling my bouquet. My husband looks at me gone out, ‘Dare I even ask what you are doing?’ he says.

I knew I wasn’t going to have the patience to dry out the buds as they were, it would take too long and I wasn’t even sure if it would get the effect I was after.

I started by separating out the roses and then with each individual rose I carefully plucked off each petal.

The first part was very much trial and error – I needed to dry the petals out so I’d done a bit of research online and lots of posts suggested that to microwave them should do the trick.


Doesn’t the colour look so different to the bouquet?

I placed my first lot of petals on a microwaveable plate and whacked ’em in for a minute. No joy. They’d all stuck together and stuck to the plate as well. Plus, they were hot! The second batch went in, less petals and for about 30 seconds. Still no good. So I placed them on a bit of kitchen roll, and I tried them for about 20 seconds, perfect. So for the next hour or so I meticulously picked off the petals (there were on average 40 per bud, I counted them), and microwaved them. They took a few mintues to cool down so I was working on a rotation basis with the plates.

And voila! I placed them in a large glass box frame that I was going to use eventually for the big heart to let them further dry out. I covered them in tissue paper and then sealed the frame with the back, popped it under my kitchen table and went off on honeymoon.

Dried petals

And so the petals sat in the frame for a few months before the nagging thought in the back my brain won out and I actually had a go at making my heart frame.

I didn’t want to start with the big one, so I’d had the idea to make mini ones for both my mother and my mother in law. I bought some water based glue from The Range, mounted a card for my frame and drew lightly in pencil the outline shape of the heart, ensuring it was all in proportion.

I glued each petal down, finding that they did crumble quite easily and they didn’t stick very well, but if they dried, they stuck. I overlapped a lot of the petals and I worked on the outside moving inwards to ensure you couldn’t see through the petals. Once complete, I was careful when placing in the glass box frame as I found some of the loose dried petals were sticking to the glass on the inside. The frame was around an inch deep.

Finished product

Both my mother and mother-in-law were delighted with them (I gave them as Christmas presents) and I was pleased that I could give them a memento for the day as well. Now all I need to do is get my lazy bum into gear and make my large heart petal frame for me & the hubby to keep!

Suzy x



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