About Clare

Super talented solicitor, caring wife and doting mother. Her three main roles in life, and she does them wonderfully.

She studied at The University of Leicester and graduated with a degree in Law. She went to Law School in Cardiff  before becoming a trainee solicitor at a firm in Leicester before moving back to practise law in her native town of Birmingham in 2009.

She first met G-Man way back when, as they are from the same town. After a date/non date (depends who you ask) when they were young, they both went their separate ways before the wonders of modern technology (yep, Facebook) got them back in touch in 2007. Their first date proper left them talking all night long and they haven’t looked back since. They got married in 2012 and now live in Birmingham with their dog Oscar and their special little lady, Orla.

Orla arrived into Clare & Gary’s world in October 2013 and they settled into life as parents with aplomb. Orla quickly became one of the cutest babies I have ever seen (ok, I’m her Godmother, I’m biased), but she has developed into a bright, happy baby who is always full of smiles. Her confidence and abilities (she’s walking already!) are something that both Clare & Gary should be immensely proud of.

Clare is fiercely intelligent & beautiful, she has enthusiasm in bounds and is a loyal friend. She is also a great confidant and is honest with her advice.

She is funny, swears like a docker at times and she strives for perfection at anything she puts her mind to.  She shows an interest in what the people around her are doing and is always thoughtful and considerate, as well as super punctual and reliable.

She does however, worry about what people think, sometimes a little too much. She also frets that she has said or done the wrong thing to upset people, and she should give herself a break sometimes along with a little pinch of the ‘I don’t cares’ and to remember that she can’t control how people feel. I know myself and G-Man have to remind her of that from time to time.

As for reminders, she has a great memory too, never forgetting that upcoming important event or anniversary. Maybe it’s because she happily admits she couldn’t live without the reminders app on her iPhone! She likes Disney songs and isn’t ashamed who knows it. She also has a tattoo on her hip and has never dyed her hair.

She’s an avid social networker, using both personal and a couple of professional online accounts. Embarking on the next step of writing a blog is a natural move forward for her to express her own creative ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Here is us being complete geeks back in 2007.

Sillers & Le Suze

Suzy xx


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